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Steven Hendee

Steven Hendee is the host of the Steven Hendee Show (duh). Every week he assembles the crazy characters that make up the show and tries his hardest not to screw things up to much. If you want to see some of his other web work check out Conga Drum Lessons Samba Drum Lessons Cubraz an Online Music Conservatory Spindee Media For his serious bio click here.

James Presley-Nelson

James is a self-proclaimed cool guy and The Steven Hendee Show founding member. James is the kind of guy  who knows his geek stuff and actually doesn’t mind talking about it. Currently a student at the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, James is into studying and going to class. The staff at The Steven Hendee show is pretty sure he does the show hoping to boost his resume and get more Linkedin juice.

The Fabulous Norm Dea, aka “Mr. Fabulous”

Norm Dea is a regular commentator and pontificator on current social issues, opinions, societal malaise, general outrages, and keen observer of the human condition on The Steven Hendee Show. Liars, fakes, pretenders and frauds need not show your face here. You’re not fooling anyone (of course, they don’t even know it). Also, he’s way into his Facebook Fan Page. Like him now.

Deanna Badong

Here’s a spot to add stuff for Deanna. We need a picture and a blurb.